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    Caorline boats duelling on the Grand Canal during the Regata Storica, or Historical Regatta.

    Event: La Regata Storica

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    3 September, 2017 | Free

    The Regata Storica is the main “Voga alla Veneta” , or Venetian Rowing, event of the year. Today it is internationally known for its spectacular historical parade of XVI century boats and rowers in period costumes.

    Besides the evergreen beauty of the boats and the costumes, the Regata Storica is locally much appreciated for its rowing boats races that will see the athletes battleing all through the Grand Canal, in an extraordinary context of beauty, history and loud cheering.

    The 4 races are divided by type of boats, and category of ages or genders: juniors, women, men on “caorline” and men on “gondolini”.

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    Grand Canal
    • Canal Grande
      Venice, 30100 Italy
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