Venezia Autentica's Quality Label, a guide for the smart traveler, a sign of trust in local businesses

    Venezia Autentica’s Quality Label attests that the local business to which it has been attributed is one that we trust and recommend. It is attributed only to genuine local activities providing the best of quality products and services. When you spend money in the shop, bar, restaurant, etc. of one of the labels’ recipient, you can discover and enjoy the real Venice while supporting authentic venetian businesses and therefore the future of the city. All local businesses listed on this website will receive their label in September/October 2016.


    Where do I find this label?

    From September-October 2016, the label will be handed over to the local shops, bars, restaurants,etc. and displayed on/inside of their window to be easily seen by you!

    How do you chose the businesses you grant your label to?

    All the local businesses we list on this website can receive the label. All the shops, bars, restaurants, etc,  listed on this website are our handpicked selection. They are places where you might actually come across us as they are places we trust and appreciate, places that our local friends and family also genuinely recommend.

    What are the criteria that the local shops, bars, restaurants, etc. must meet?

    Well, the criteria are few and simple. The local business should be:

    • A place we enjoy
    • Owned and run by  polite and friendly local staff
    • Frequented by locals
    • Recommended to us by locals
    • Selling high quality and authentic product(s)
    • Providing hight quality service(s)
    • Fairly Priced

    Do the local businesses pay for their label?

    There are few criteria (see above) that we apply to decide to add a local business to our website and money is not one of them. We list people for free as we want to give visibility to the activities which are worth your time and money, regardless of their economic situation. We add places when we are genuinely excited about their work and its value for the local community.

    Got it. But why do you even do that?

    The idea is to support the locals by making it easy, to anyone visiting Venice, to identify and support the venetian businesses. There are about 30 millions people coming to Venice every year, if only a percentage of the visitors knew where to enjoy the best the city has to offer and therefore where to spend time and money, we’re convinced that the authentic venetian businesses would benefit greatly and so would the city. We believe, indeed, that keeping the authentic local activities in business is the best way to ‘save Venice’ and make a rewarding future possible for who wants to live in this unique city.
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