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    If you fancy some fried food, cichetti, or a tasty fresh pasta, ``Agli Osti`` has all of that and for a very good price.

    If you’re in Cannaregio looking for some fried food, cichetti, or a tasty fresh pasta, we recommend you going to “Agli Osti” to enjoy the food and witness scenes that will remind you of the Italian cliches typically seen in movies: in a simple environment, the bartender Michela (Miki) will greet the loud customers, you’ll see people standing, chatting and joking, and, whether you’ll understand what’s going on or you’ll have no clue what the conversation is about, you’ll just feel like staying and having one more glass of prosecco or 3 more “olive ascolane”. When we’re in a hurry and need a nice and fast lunch, or when we have time and feel like having a laugh, we love to stop here and have a laugh with the regulars and whoever is willing to chat.

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    Opening times

    Mon to Sat: 9:30AM – 8PM (Indicative)
    Sunday closed


    Corte dei Pali già Testori, Calle S. Felice, 3849, 30121 Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 0415 207993

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