Osteria Ruga di Jaffa

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    Homemade bread, good traditional cichetti, and a friendly service have gotten immediately the locals' appreciation.

    “We want to create an authentic bacaro, not be yet another touristic trap” is the idea behind which Alvise has founded his osteria in 2015. Friendly service and homemade bread, local cuisine and great prices, fresh fish and lagoon crustaceans, Venetian canvas flags and miniature rowing boats have immediately gathered the district inhabitants’ attention and appreciation. Osteria Ruga di Jaffa is the right place where to go for a traditional cichetto and a glass of prosecco for a break, as well as for a good traditional lunch or dinner at a very reasonable price.

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    Opening times

    9:30 – 23:30 (Indicative)


    Ruga Giuffa, 4864, 30122 Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 041 241 1062

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