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    Event: 'Great celebration's day' of the committee 'No Big Ship' - Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice - The occasion to join a mobilisation to show what you think about the impact of the 'Big ships' or cruise ships in Venice

    Event: ‘Great celebration’s day’ of the committee ‘No Big Ship’

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    25 September, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm UTC+0

    Event: 'Great celebration's day' of the committee 'No Big Ship'

    The committee fighting against cruise ships in Venice, organise a big party on and in front of the docks of the Zattere on Sunday 25th, September. Music performances, activists speeches are at the program. The occasion to join  a mobilisation to show what you think about the impact of big ships on the city.



    It’s getting very close to time for the Festa Granda (the great celebrations day) organised by the Comitato No Grandi Navi of Venice. Everything seems to be ready in front of Riva delle Zattere, included the floating stage (20×8 meters) that will be the heart of the demonstration. The line up of the bands who will play on the occasion (from 3 to 9 pm) is worthy of a real music festival. Eugenio Finardi, Sir Oliver Skardy, Herman Medrano, Gualtiero Bertelli, Marco “Furio” Furieri, Banda Nera, Big Mike, I rimorchiatori, 4 rooms Family, Storie Storte. From songwriters to rock, from reggae to hip hop; different artists united united under the same rhythm, that of pushing out the cruise liners from the Venice Lagoon.

    We will also have some very important guests: the NO TAV activists from Val Susa, those belonging to the STOP BIOCIDIO network from Naples, and some representatives of a grassroots association founded in Barcelona against touristic gentrification and cruise ships. These are all experiences of popular resistance with which we built tight links of solidarity, with which we share not only the opposition against the construction of major public infrastructures (that in Italy mean corruption, mafia, waste of public money and environmental destruction), but also the idea of a different city or territory. An idea that, besides our foundational “no” to cruise ships inside the lagoon, we wanted to describe through a series of “yes” that introduced the demonstration on the 25th  : Yes to a life in Venice, Yes to housing policies for inhabitants, Yes to  cruise liners outside the lagoon, Yes to a city of solidarity, Yes to the regulation of water traffic, Yes to the regulation of the change of use of apartments or buildings for touristic purposes, Yes to Venetian craft, Yes to monitoring of air pollution and wave motion.

    What are we expecting on the 25th of September? A big celebration for Venice, where residents will show that a different city is necessary and possible, and that their project is totally opposite to the one promoted by the cruise multinationals, the Porth Autorithy and by our mayor.

    We invite you to join us because Venice can’t be silenced and can’t bear anymore the treatment that is being given. It is enough to say that on a normal Sunday, like that of Sept. 25, six (!!!) cruise liners are expected to pass through the heart of the city. Three of these are described as “medium-large” size (two of them are over 90.000 tons each), that compared to the scale of Venice become mammoth; these ships are simply not sustainable because they bring with them air pollution, because of the catastrophic effects of a possible accident only a few steps away from S. Marco Square, because of the erosion of the lagoon bottom that they are causing and because of the silly touristic model they are promoting.

    For all these reasons, the music that we will play on Sunday is not meant to be a welcome orchestra.

    Comitato No Grandi Navi, Laguna Bene Comune, Venezia

    No Grandi Navi protesters in the giudecca canal

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