Bistrot de l’Osmarin

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    Update 20/02/2018: The Bistrot de l’Osmarin changed the products they offer and are currently proposing filled crepes instead of sandwiches. It is the same team working and like earlier the fillings are made of the best local and national raw materials but you won’t find sandwiches at this location for now. We’ll update the photos etc. shortly.

    Exceptional raw materials, incredibly good Panini and Pizza, terrific artisanal beers: we Love this place!

    When we are in the district of Castello or San Marco, we can’t miss passing by the “Bistrot de l’Osmarin“; when we are not in the area, it isn’t unlikely for us to change our route and stop by anyway. If you want to fully enjoy the quality of the best Italian hams, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and dressings combined in excellent and delicious ways and maybe ask Giacomo or Davide to help you match them with the right artisanal Italian beer, this place is a must! No matter if you’ll try their big panini, the cichetti, the pizzas or focacce, you will understand why this place is one of our favorites in town. There are some places we really like, and other places we simply love: the “Bistrot de l’Osmarin” is definitely Love for us!

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    Opening times

    11AM – 10PM (Indicative)


    Fondamenta de l’Osmarin 4976/B, 30122 Venezia, Italia

    Phone number

    +39 349 195 7924

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