How much does the “Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass” cost?

  • You can pay what you want from 13 euros

How many local businesses give discounts to the holder of a pass?

  • Over 80 local businesses: bars, restaurants, and shops are part of the program

Which local businesses give a 10% discount?

  • Local bars, restaurants and shops, selected and certified for quality, authenticity and sustainability. All partner businesses display our logo on their window and or door. Follow this link for the full list

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Important: Using your pass is simple, you can either print it or use a digital version on your device. Get it now!

What is the “Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass” ?

  • The Friends’ pass is the only way to enjoy the best food, drinks and shopping in Venice at a 10% discount, anytime, for 1 whole year.
  • It is valid on any expense of 30 euros and more, to reward you for supporting the top small businesses in Venice.

What do I buy?

  •  A personal digital card, buyable only on this website and valid one year.
  •  Your right to a 10% discount when you spend 30 euros or more at our partner shops, bars, and restaurants.

Why do I need it?

  • To receive a discount at 80+ certified local businesses committed to sustainability, authenticity, and quality
  • Because it makes you eligible for all the new advantages unlocked during the year after your purchase
  • Because your money helps us continue providing our help to the local business owners for free. Your support of Venezia Autentica’s work and mission will make a world of difference.
  • Because every 10 Passes sold, we keep the net value of one pass to support the projects of local associations and citizens.

List of the local bars, restaurants and shops part of the Venezia Autentica Friends' program

The local businesses granting the Venezia Autentica Friends' Pass holder with a 10% discount

Here’s a list of the local businesses currently part of the “Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass” Scheme, more are coming on board. You can easily locate them by visiting our interactive map and selecting “Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass Members”. Each of them has a complete description in the ” shop local ”  or “Eat & Drink ” section of our website. They are easy to identify: they display our logo on their window and or door.
  •  MURANO GLASS PEARLS JEWELS: Giorgio Nason, Muranero, Perlamadredesign, Rialto 79, Leonardo, Sculture Da Indossare, Miani Nicola, Murano Glass Fine Art by Morasso Stefano
  • GLASS ART, MIRRORS, AND WINDOWS: Bisanzio Glass Gallery Showroom, Canestrelli Mirrors, Marco Franzato, Massimiliano Caldarone
  • MURANO GLASS BEADS WEAVERS: Attombri, Le Burle Veneziane, Venetian Dreams
  • FANTASY JEWELS: Ambra Creazioni Artigianali, Eros Gasparini Art and Jewels
  • PAPER JEWELS, ARTS, AND BOOKBINDING: Paper Owl, Legatoria Barbieri, Itaca Art Studio, Ebru’, Plum Plum Creations, Legatoria Barbieri
  • METAL JEWELRY: Attombri, T.S. Gioielli
  • CERAMICS AND MOSAICS: Chimera, Artefact
  • MASKS AND COSTUMES: La bottega del Costume, Ca’ Macana Atelier, L’arlecchino, La Bottega Dei Mascareri, Teatromaschere, Atelier Marega, Rugadoro Patchwork Masks
  • OARLOCKS, GONDOLAS ACCESSORIES, AND WOODEN TOYS: Il Forcolaio Matto, Signor Bloom, Le Forcole, Bottega Tramontin Gondole, D.Co Tramontin E Figli, Remi e Forcole by Franco Furlanetto
  • LEATHER BAGS AND ACCESSORIES: Il Grifone, Francis Model, Raggio Veneziano, Marina De Grandis Legatrice e Restauratrice
  • UPCYCLED BAGS, JEWELS AND ACCESORIES: Dream Upcycling by Baldan Nicola, Eros Gasparini Art and Jewels
  • ART & ARTISANAL FRAMES: Cornici Trevisanello, Itaca Art Studio, Eros Gasparini Art and Jewels, Aura Design
  • FOOD & DRINKS SHOPS: Bianca’s Gastronomia e Gourmet Food Shop,
  • BARS, BACARO & RESTAURANTS: Trattoria al Ponte del Megio, Osteria Santa Giustina, Ostaria Boccadoro, Osteria Ruga di Jaffa, Cantina Azienda Agricole
  • PIZZA, PANINI: Antico Forno, Bistrot de l’Osmarin
  • GELATI:  Il Bacaro del Gelato, La Mela Verde

+ the ones we signed up and still need to add here

Updated February 2018

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