About Venezia Autentica

Venezia Autentica is the only company trying to improve the future of Venice and the Venetians by changing the way we see and impact Venice, delivering news, info, entertainment and tools to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


    We’re Valeria and Sebastian. Venezia Autentica is our work of labor and love, it is our attempt to ‘save Venice’ from the plague of mass tourism.
    Don’t get misled by our names, Valeria is French and Sebastian is Venetian. We’re 30 and 32 years old, and we have the ambition and dreams that make us believe that, if we work hard enough, we will be able to make a difference.
    We also know that we won’t make it on our own, that saving Venice and the Venetians is a huge bet which can be won only if it involves all the people who have the city at heart.
    That’s why Venezia Autentica is what it is, an open resource for people to inform themselves about Venice and the Venetians, and to know how to support them by doing the right thing: enjoying the city like a local and contributing to the local economy.
    To that end, we build tools making it easy for everybody to discover and support the authentic Venice and are proud to say that, together with you, we are already helping over 150 local shops, bars and restaurants. This is important not only because it helps keep quality products and services in Venice but especially as it contributes to making it possible for many Venetian families to keep on living in their city.

    Valeria Duflot, Co-Founder

    “[…] One day, I was walking on the Strada Nuova and saw a group of locals proudly carrying a gigantic Venetian flag. I was surrounded by huge guided groups on one side and these young guys proud of their identity on the other. Then it struck me. I understood that what’s happening in Venice was not ok and that something had to be done, and fast, to ensure a decent future to the Venetians. I also understood that people like me, visitors, could help. ” Read more


    It's our community which makes change possible

    “[…] In 31 years I’ve seen Venice change, a lot, and not always in the right direction. At this moment Venetians need to step up for their city, and Venezia Autentica is our personal way to fight for what we love.” Read more


    Venezia Autentica, is only at its beginning and wants to be a constantly growing multilingual source of tools and information always trying to be relevant and helpful to the people who care about the future of the Venetians in Venice. Since our very beginning in October 2nd, 2015 we’ve had at heart to show the authentic Venice to the world and to build a solution making it easy for people to have an immediate impact on the future of the Venetians.
    Our wish is to empower you, to make you feel at home while in Venice as well as to make you feel part of the local life even when you’re away. Therefore if there is any topic you’re curious about, if you have any idea or suggestion, do not hesitate to let us know! Similarly, if you’d just like to drop a line to say hi or ask a question, feel free to do so, we’ll be happy to read you!
    We hope our work will help you to get to know and support our Venice, the Venice of the locals and we wish you a pleasant experience!
     A presto!
    Valeria & Sebastian
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