Valeria is co-founder and ideator of Venezia Autentica. An entrepreneur from an early age, she believes in the power of community and goodness. After consulting and leadership positions in industries such as health, innovation, hospitality, and entertainment, she realized the importance of strong business ethics and people-centered services and policies. Convinced that ethical businesses can be powerful motors of positive impact, she envisioned, Venezia Autentica, a people-powered way to save Venice and the Venetians in early 2015. She met Seba her partner in life and business in Venice, in the summer of 2014.  She’s French, well traveled and one of the loves of her life is her 18 years old mare, Donna. She holds an MBA and is a Health and Biology graduate.

    Valeria acts as the CEO and president of Venezia Autentica. She defines the company’s vision, strategy, and road-map. She also shapes the brand identity, brand messaging and communication with the outside world by taking care of design, marketing, and PR, within other things.

    Why did I co-founded Venezia Autentica?

    “I set foot in Venice for the first time in august 2014 and immediately felt seduced. I was going through a rough patch and few hours in the city were enough to sough me.  The beauty, the art and culture which are present everywhere in Venice enchanted me, but it is the long conversations I had with two local artisans, on my second day, which finished to make me fall in love.  Through repeating visits and increasing time spent with locals, I started to understand more of the local dynamics and to feel increasingly upset about the impact of mass tourism on the life of the venetians. One day, I was walking on the Strada Nuova and saw a group of locals proudly carrying a gigantic venetian flag. I was surrounded with huge guided groups on one side and these young guys proud of their identity on the other. Then it struck me. I understood that what’s happening in Venice was not ok and that something had to be done, and fast, to ensure a decent future to the venetians. I also understood that people like me, visitors, could help. I reached to my phone and immediatly called Seba. That was the inception of Venezia Autentica.”

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