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    Venezia Autentica Co Founders in Venice
    Sebastian Fagarazzi & Valeria Duflot, Venezia Autentica's Co-Founders

    Venezia Autentica in a nutshell

    Venezia Autentica is a social enterprise founded to save Venice, Italy, from the negative effects of mass tourism and help Venetians stay live and work in Venice. Venezia Autentica connects tourists with the information and tools they need to support and sustain the local Venetian economy and community, keeping the Venetians in Venice and therefore the city vibrant and authentic.  Venezia Autentica works closely with the local business owners and associations while constantly developing new ways to make tourism a better and more rewarding experience as well as a source of local development.

    Through our work, we help increase the retention of tourism revenue in the local economy, improve the experience of the visitors and contribute to the preservation and regeneration of both the community and local heritage.

    We are working to change the impact of tourism beyond the city of Venice. See what we have achieved so far and visit to learn more about how we want to change the industry as a whole!

    Venezia Autentica's Mission & Work

    Our mission is to change the way the World sees and impacts Venice, to build a better future for the Venetians in Venice. We organize our work around these 4 areas:

    Responsible Tourism
    Communication & Advocacy
    Small Businesses Certification
    Community Support

    Something we'd like you to know

    We pride ourselves to be born in the mind of a former visitor , Valeria Duflot, who, by spending time with Venetians, and in particular, Venezia Autentica co-founder’s Sebastian Fagarazzi, had a chance to understand the issues currently affecting Venice population and to envision a simple and concrete solution: a way travelers, like her at that time, could tangibly impact the lives of the locals.

    This fact shows that tourism and tourists are not all negative – as commonly stated – and that there are people who do care about their impact on the cities they visit and want to contribute to making the life of the local populations better. We give those people the tools and information they need to do so.

    Our work is the fruit of the experiences of our founding team a former tourist, now living in Venice and a lifetime Venetian resident.  We’re currently working with over 150 small businesses in Venice, to which our users contribute several millions of cumulated extra yearly revenue. Our owned content has reached over 60M people and we have been humbled to work with leading international media and conferences around the world to share our mission, insights and story. Learn more about our impact so far

    Key Facts

    • Simply put, Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi, the co-founders of Venezia Autentica, want a future in Venice, both for themselves and everybody who would like to be living in the island city. They are part of a generation which is rapidly shrinking in number because of a lack of opportunities. If nothing changes, Venice will empty itself of Venetians and become a soulless theme park in only a few decades. In order to avoid this, Valeria and Sebastian decided to work on an alternative. They are convinced that the key to saving Venice is to keep people living and working in sustainable trades in the city and that it is the people themselves, Venetians and visitors, who can make it happen.

    • The idea at the core of  Venezia Autentica is that the international love for Venice, as well as responsible travelers, are key to the future of the Venetians and therefore of Venice.

    • Venezia Autentica believes that there is no Venice without Venetians and that it is critical to keep the local population living and working in Venice. The concept behind the social enterprise is to empower people to have a direct and immediate impact on the future of the Venetians, by providing travellers and Venice lovers with the right set of tools and information.

    • The ultimate aim of Venezia Autentica is to transform tourism in Venice from what it is today into a  win-win-win where residents, visitors and the whole local ecosystem and heritage benefit. The team behind Venezia Autentica is also working to disseminate their now-proven model to transform the impact of tourism at the root.


    • The idea of Venezia Autentica was born in Valeria’s mind on the 25th of March 2015, a day of celebration of the local culture and identity. It’s after the closing of Sebastian‘s family shop, in July 2015, due to the pressure of mass tourism, that Valeria convinced Sebastian that they should get to work, together, on changing things in Venice.

    • Valeria and Sebastian launched Venezia Autentica on Social Media in October 2015 and started sharing news, info, and stories about the authentic Venice and the Venetians. From the earliest days, they shared unusual and original content aimed at making it easy for people to discover the authentic Venice and support directly the Venetians, as well as to raise awareness about the issues the city faces because of mass tourism and the consequences it has on the local community. They rapidly assembled the fastest growing community of Venice lovers and travelers to Venice. To date, they have about 100 000 followers (December 2020) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    • In September 2016, they launched, a website where users can find information, medias, and stories about Venice’s people, history, culture, traditions, contemporary life and lifestyle, as well as recommendations and tips to experience Venice like real Venetians by eating, drinking, shopping, strolling where the locals do. The platform sports a constantly updated and growing list of carefully vetted Venetian businesses, in order for everyone to be able to visit and support them directly. Since the launch of the website, Valeria and Sebastian have received many testimonies of Venice visitors & lovers and business owners alike stating the importance and impact of the work Venezia Autentica is doing and how it’s improving their experience of Venice.

    • In March 2017, Valeria and Sebastian co-founded Venezia Autentica SRLS, a social business, that they created to accelerate the impact of Venezia Autentica’s work and values.  The idea is to create more initiatives aiming at changing the relationship between locals and tourists, bringing closer Venetians and visitors, supporting the local businesses, creating rewarding opportunities for the Venetian youth, and improving the life of the Venetians as well as the quality of the stay of the visitors.

    • In August 2017, Valeria and Sebastian launched the “Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass”, a new and unique personal card that travelers can acquire on their website for only 10 euros and which gives them access to a 10% discount for a whole year at all the artisan shops part of the scheme. All artisan shops can be identified by the presence of Venezia Autentica’s logo on their window and have signed a charter of values in which they commit to being and continue providing their customers with authentic, quality, sustainable products, and services. The objective of this initiative is to support, valorize and promote the small local businesses that make Venice proud and to make it easier for their potential costumers to recognize and patronize them. Besides supporting the work of the Venetian business owners and the mission of Venezia Autentica, the money collected when selling the Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass also fuels a fund that the social enterprise will dedicate to supporting local initiatives both from non-for-profit and citizens themselves. Indeed, the value of one pass is set aside every 10 passes sold.

    • In September 2017, the above mentioned ‘Venezia Autentica Friends’ program started expanding to local bars, restaurants, pizzeria, gelateria, etc. meeting high standards of authenticity, quality, and sustainability. As it is the case with the artisan shop owners, all the new onboarded business owners committed to follow and continue following our dedicated charter of values as well as to reward people looking for them with a 10% discount for bills of over 30 euros.

    • In October 2017, Venezia Autentica launched a new website ‘Venezia Autentica Experience’ dedicated to the promotion of a tourism where locals and visitors meet and share time together. This time is dedicated to an intimate discovery and/or transmission of local arts, crafts, traditions or to the simple exploration of the Venetian life and lifestyle and allows tourists to get a more meaningful and rewarding experience of Venice while supporting directly the local(s) they meet. It is also an opportunity to reinvent the relationship between tourists and locals and to transform tourism, something often felt by residents as a needed inconvenience, into a moment of fraternity and sharing. Last but not least, by booking an experience with locals, visitors contribute to making it easier for Venetians to stay in Venice doing what they love and to make a living out of it, something essential in a city where jobs and industries are in scarcity.

    • The estimated impact of Venezia Autentica can be found at this link.

    • Beyond running campaigns and programs that make it easy & fun for visitors to make a positive impact in Venice, and for local businesses to increase their revenue from tourism, Venezia Autentica work and co-founders are regularly engaging in press commenting. They also share their vision and model of a tourism sector beneficial with industry and government leaders.

    • The current objectives (2019) of the team behind Venezia Autentica is double: to deepen their impact in Venice and to disseminate their model around the world. To do so, they have created a new brand Overtourim Solution

    More info about Venezia Autentica Friends' Program: Intro video & Friends Hub

    Media Assets

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