Sebastian is a co-founder of Venezia Autentica. After finishing high school with the top mark, Sebastian studied engineering before deciding to drop out to run his family’s local business, the popular Queen of Casablanca. In the summer of 2015, the pressure of mass tourism convinced Sebastian and his family to close the shop and Sebastian that it was the right time for him to join forces with Valeria to try and change things if he wanted the Venetians to have a meaningful future in their hometown. He met Valeria in the summer of 2014, and they became partners in life and business.  He’s half Venetian and half German, and he grew up and lived in Venice all his life. He has a passion for travel, novels, and photography, and believes that human relationships are at the core of a happy life.

    Why did I co-found Venezia Autentica?

    “I set foot in Venice for the first time in August 1985… when I was born. Half Italian, half German, I spent my childhood between Venice, during my school time, and Bavaria during breaks, learning to appreciate since childhood the lifestyles and cultural values of both these countries. I deeply love travelling, discovering new cities and countries, observing different lifestyles and trying local food, but no matter how far and for how long I go away, it is when I come back to Venice that I know why it is this city that I will always call home. In 31 years I’ve seen Venice change, a lot, and not always in the right direction. On one side I was lucky to witness the Venetian society evolving thanks to the growing role of women in our city on a social, cultural and working-level; on the other side a total lack of political and administrative competence (to say the least) has forced Venetians out of the city. Venetians like me, like my friends, family and many others who deeply love Venice, who respect its traditions and history and who demand living and ageing here. At this moment Venetians need to step up for their city, and Venezia Autentica is our personal way to fight for what we love.”

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