Showing actual daily life in Venice to an international audience


    [#WALKING IN VENICE: Rowing boats race in the Saint Mark’s Basin for the “Festa della Sensa”]
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    Posted by Venezia Autentica – Discover and Support the Authentic Venice on Sunday, May 28, 2017

    About the campaign

    Since summer 2016, we invite Facebook users to follow us live on our walks, boat rides and whereabouts around Venice to discover aspects of the local life they have never seen before. Our objective is to share the Venetian lifestyle and culture with an international audience to educate people about what life in Venice really is, hoping to inspire new ways to live the city and to relate to the local population and culture.

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    Encouraging instagram users to photography the daily Venice, away from the usual clichés

    About the campaign

    Since early 2016, we invite social media users to use the hashtags #thisisvenice and #veneziaautentica to share with us images representative of the real and authentic Venice, far from the usual clichés. Our objective is to collectively change the way the world look at Venice as we’re convinced it influences the way we treat it.

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    A digital campaign featuring a serie of photos and text portraying Venice in all its aspects

    About the campaign

    Since 0ctober 2015, #Venice360 is a photography serie telling an accurate story of modern Venice. It gives a full pictures of the city by capturing everything from the most renowned and loved landmarks, to the lesser known views and aspects of the local daily lives

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