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    It’s commonly said that ‘Venice is a great place where to get lost’, something we don’t disagree with but, if we’re not the kind of persons who would recommend to always be attached to a map, we do believe that to get to meet the authentic Venice you need to be able to orientate yourself in the city, which requires a bit of help…even for venetians, at times… So, here they are our favorites places where to eat & drink, shop local, chill and explore, and even to contemplate the numerous curiosities of the city, all put together on a single interactive map, as we think it could come in handy at times! Enjoy the Venice we love, the Venice of the locals!

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    WARNING: Please keep in mind that Venice is a very unique and complex city, therefore even Google struggles providing users with clear directions and ways to get to a destination. Therefore, you should see all Google Maps informations as indicative and always keep in mind that the full adress of the places you are interested in can be found on their respective page of this website. If you have doubts about how to get to a particular place don’t hesitate to use the adress we provide by inserting it in your GPS and to politely ask for help from the people who know Venice the best: the venetians!

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