Palazzo Grimani Museum

    600 400 Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice
    This Palace, once house of the Doge Antonio Grimani, with its Roman-style courtyard and centre italian architecture make it a unique place in Venice. The museum exhbitis amazing sculptures and original pictorial wonders

    House of the Doge Antonio Grimani, it was originally an L-shaped building located at the intersection of the rios of San Severo and Santa Maria Formosa. In the sixteenth century overall renovations were carried out for 30 years at the expense of Antonio’s nephew Giovanni Grimani: two new wings were added to the building, doubling its size and gaining an inner courtyard, Roman-style, with loggial of marble colonnades. The asymmetrical porticoes filled with  sculptures and inscriptions, worked as a stunning invitation to visit the rest of the collection on the upper floors. The use of centre-italian architecture and decorations, make this Palace a unique piece in Venice.

    Opening Times

    Tuesday to Saturday: 8:15AM – 7:15PM
    Sunday: 2PM – 7PM
    Monday: Closed


    Castello 4858, 30122, Venezia

    Ticket Price

    Full Price: 6€
    Discounted Price: 5€

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