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Discover all the artisan shops, bars and restaurants part of our Friends' Program, the only scheme where the best Venetian businesses reward travelers for patronizing them



    All the local businesses part of this list have committed to a high degree of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility as well as to grant a 10% discount to all the holders of the Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass spending 30 euros or more at their shop, bar or restaurant. All the local businesses part of this program are easy to recognize thanks to our logo on their window and or door. 

    Important: Only the local businesses part of this list and displaying our logo on their window or door grant a discount to Venezia Autentica Friends’.  Not all 150+ local businesses profiled on this website are part of the scheme.

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    Doppiofondo artisanal prints and bookbinding

    If you have an interest for craftsmanship, traditional bookbinding, and traditional printing, or if you’re looking for a handmade and original memory of Venice to bring back home, make sure to take a look at this beautiful workshop

    Ae Bricoe

    What are the secrets that led this traditional wine bar to be so appreciated by Venetians, in an area that offers plenty of choices? Well, it just ticks all the boxes of what locals look for in an authentic local wine bar!

    Barchette di carta decorations toys and drawings for children

    All products at “Barchette di carta” are hand-made and are the result of Maria passion for illustrations and crafting, and her love for children and Venice.

    Giuliana Longo Handmade Hats

    Classic Panama hats, high-end fashion hats or gondolier hats, Giuliana Longo’s choices have all something in common: they are all hand-made with great quality natural fabrics.

    Coltelleria Lena handmade knifes and razors

    The Gondola Knife, created by Coltelleria Lena, is a unique craft with beautiful hand-made handles and a sharp blade that mimics the legendary front ornament of the gondola

    Arzanart marbled papers and crafts

    Arzanart, is an artistic workshop that has on display several kinds of different marble paper sheets made by Isabella, that are so beautiful they can just be framed and hanged on a wall!

    El Magazen Ristobacaro Restaurant and Wine bar

    El Magazen not only offers mainly Venetian food, with delicious cichetti, fish, risotti and dishes of the Venetian tradition, it also focuses on “local” the furniture.

    Il Pavone di Paolo Pelosin marbled paper decorations and books

    Paolo’s passion for strong and vivid colors influences all his handmade works, from frames to diaries, baskets, pencils, and bookmarks.

    Galleria Levantina Art Gallery

    If you’re a Venice lover looking to decorate the walls of your home, or if you want to find a beautiful view of Venice to give a touch of color to your desk, make sure you check out this unique place!

    Gueye Perle di Gueye Daouda

    If you’re curious to see how Murano Glass necklaces and bracelets created with passion, joy, and attention to detail look like, then Daouda’s workshop is a place that will satisfy your curiosity!

    Vetrarte by Laura Padoan

    Ar Vetrarte, you can find truly unique and beautiful leaded glass crafts, all entirely handmade by Laura, one of the last two leaded glass artisans in Venice!

    Dream Upcycling by Baldan Nicola

    One of the upcycling crafts “Dream” offers are fancy bangs, rucksack, and wallets made out of the inner tube of tractors’ tyres. After its “natural” use, the innertube is collected, treated, and prepared to become a new design object, rather than becoming yet another non-recyclable waste in a landfill.

    Remi e Forcole by Franco Furlanetto

    Franco Furlanetto is one of the 4 last Venetian oarlock makers and this, keeper of a several centuries old tradition that is key to the survival of the city and its unique lifestyle.

    Ambra Creazioni Artigianali

    Whether with Venetian beads, Swarovski crystals, Murano pearls, or the combination of the three, every jewel is entirely thought, designed and hand-crafted by Ambra.

    Mistero Buffo

    Leonardo handcrafts typical Venetian Carnival Masks and Commedia Dell’Arte masks with papier-mâché, as it is done since several hundreds years in Venice.

    Cartavenezia Paper Art

    Since 1989, Fernando’s work is to free paper from being used only as a support and to use it instead also as a noble material to sculpt and carve art, to deliver precious messages, to wear or to decorate your house with.

    Marina De Grandis Legatrice e Restauratrice

    Marina handcrafts entirely all her creations making use of excellent raw materials such as naturally tanned certified leather from Tuscany and Fabriano Artistico Paper, creating the premium supports for artists and book lovers to sketch, draw, and paint on.

    Rugadoro Patchwork Masks

    Even if you’ve been seeing dozen and dozen artisanal masks shops over the years, you won’t have ever seen masks like those handcrafted by Sarah at the Rugadoro in the district of San Polo, in Venice.

    Murano Glass Fine Art by Morasso Stefano

    Each of Stefano’s fine Murano glass piece is made entirely by him and is the result of years of expertise and an inborn sensitivity to colors, shapes, and color combinations.

    Aura Design

    Stepping into “Aura Design” is like stepping into the mind of Aura and Luigi and witness the power of their unstoppable creativity.

    Trattoria al Ponte del Megio

    Located close to Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio in the district of Santa Croce in Venice, the “Trattoria al Ponte del Megio” ticks all the boxes for whoever is looking for the authentic Venetian experience.

    Osteria Santa Giustina

    A welcoming atmosphere and a beautiful ambient, delicious local cichetti and dishes of the Italian cuisine, and friendly and easy going staff are the ingredients that turned this recently opened bacaro into a favorite of the locals.

    La Bottega del Costume di Nicoletta Lucerna

    In her small laboratory close to the S.S. Giovanni e Paolo church, Nicoletta unleashes all her ability, creativity, and passion to create beautiful period costumes, Carnival costumes, and to produce her favorite garments: corsets!

    Artefact Mosaic Studio

    The use of Venetian glass tiles as well as of different materials and different mosaic tiles, couples with the young couple’s creativity and expertise gives birth to unique pieces which range from classic themes to modern stylized works which stand out for their uniqueness and beauty.

    Ostaria Boccadoro

    If you desire to discover the flavours of the Venetian cuisine and taste the fresh ingredients from the Venetian Lagoon, while being welcomed by exceptionally nice and friendly staff, the “Ostaria Boccadoro” is the gourmet restaurant you should be looking for.

    Legatoria Barbieri

    If you desire to have a wonderful and unique hand crafted book, in which to collect your thoughts or a frame created with an exquisite fabric to hold your favorite picture, ask Adriano and he will craft just what you were looking for.

    Cornici Trevisanello

    If you want beautiful, custom crafted frames for your important memories and your favorite paintings,  Cornici Trevisanello will be able to meet all your desires.

    Sculture da indossare Murano Glass Beads Jewels

    If you’re looking for authentic contemporary Murano glass beads earrings and bracelets, or if you desire to purchase necklaces made of ancient Venetian beads with beautiful color combinations, “Sculture da Indossare” has what you are looking for.

    Itaca Art Studio

    From abstract paintings and stylized gondolas to realistic paintings of Venetian landmarks, Monica’s works all have Venice at their core and are a perfect gift or memory for all those people who have Venice in their hearts.

    Leonardo Murano Glass Beads and Jewels

    Stefano and Ferruccio, carefully select fine Murano glass beads necklaces from renown Venetian producers, or pick their favorite beads and pearls and combine them in multiple ways, creating many different original styles.

    Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor

    Halfway between the famous landmarks Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute and Accademia Bridge, Saverio’s workshop represents the red thread that connects the ancient times of the Serenissima to the modern Venice… you should not miss it!

    PerlaMadreDesign, Murano Glass Beads Jewels

    PerlaMadreDesign is the right place for everyone who’s looking for unique, modern and sleek jewels, created with the quality that the ancient Venetian techniques guarantee.

    Canestrelli Mirrors

    Every mirror at Canestrelli’s is a unique piece, which Stefano designs and creates entirely by hand in his workshop, carving and decorating the frames with the traditional “guazzo” gilding technique developed in the XIV Century, and finally silvering entirely by hand the convex mirror.

    Le Burle Veneziane – Murano Glass beads Jewels

    Monica’s great passion and knowledge of antique Venetian jewelry, her extreme care in hand picking, one by one, every single microbead, and her desire for perfection create unique pieces of jewelry that seem to descend from ancient times.

    Tommaso Semenzato Gioielli

    The wide price range, which starts as low as 30 euros and can increase up to a few thousand euros depending on the complexity of the work and the value of the metals and the stones, makes it possible for all to get an authentic and high-quality craft, entirely hand made in Venice!

    Giorgio Nason Murano Glass Jewels

    Since 29 years passers-by are captured by the beauty of the Murano Glass pieces on display in Giorgio’s shop, and by Giorgio’s ability with the torch flame.

    Miani Glass Jewels

    Located in the district of Cannaregio in Venice, “Miani” offers beautiful handmade Murano glass beads, jewels and mosaics created by the two Miani siblings Elena and Nicola.

    Signor Blum Wooden Toys

    The “Signor Blum” workshop was founded in the Dorsoduro district in Venice in 1978 and offers hand crafted artisanal wooden toys, as well as hand-made wooden decorations.

    Alberto Valese Ebrù Hand Made Paper, Silk and Bookbinding

    From notebooks to papers, to prints, every creation at Ebrù is entirely handmade in Venice by Valese and shows the unique and fabulous touch of one of the greatest paper masters worldwide.

    Raggio Veneziano Leather Bags

    Raggio Veneziano, located in Campo Santo Stefano in the district of San Marco, offers unique artisanal hand made leather bags and leather products that combine tradition and innovation.

    Il Grifone, Leather Artisan

    Since over 30 years, Toni’s leather bags and leather crafts are very well known and appreciated by the locals as well as by the tourists in Venice.

    Atelier Marega Carnival Masks and Costumes

    Atelier Marega in Venice crafts traditional masks and offers over 200 historical costumes for renting or buying, along with several accessories such as wigs, caps, and coats.

    Eros Gasparini Art and Jewels

    The contemporary and innovative pieces proposed show on one side the strong innovation and dynamism, while preserving, on the other hand, the authenticity of the offer and its bonds to Venice, its art, and its history.

    Giovanna Zanella Shoe Maker

    In this beautiful workshop, you’ll be able to design the pair of shoes you always dreamed of. Choosing between shoes, boots, sandals, or moccasins, picking your favorite shade of bright red, pink, purple or orange, suggesting different materials for the making and the decorations will result in the pair of tailored shoes that you always dreamed of.

    Chimera by Rigoni Ilaria Agesicora

    The elegant soothing hand-made ceramic and print creations of Ilaria take you to her colorful and feminine universe

    Marco & Nicolò fruits and vegetables

    If you’re in the Cannaregio area, looking for great raw materials and you desire to support a Venetian family business, check out Marco&Nicolo’s stand and shop!


    At Attombri an ancient Venetian tradition meets creativity and innovation, resulting in unique and outstanding design jewels entirely hand made.

    Massimiliano Caldarone

    Massimiliano’s torched glass compositions seem to be alive and moved by the strongest human passions, for an art that transmits emotions.

    Rialto 79

    Murano glass beads specialists, Rialto 79 creates amazing Murano glass jewels with every kind of pearls, going from modern colorful ones to ancient and very rare ones.

    Plum Plum Creations by Arianna Sautariello

    Arianna’s artisanal prints create unique memories of Venice while making you discover ancient techniques dating back to the time of the Serenissima.

    Muranero di Niang Moulaye

    The combination of African style and Murano glass making expertise delivers pieces that are both wonderful and unique.


    Carefully selected papers from all over the world are hand crafted by Stefania into unique lightweight jewels.

    Forcolaio Matto

    Youngest of the 5 keepers of a centuries old art, Piero’s traditional oars and oarlocks are key to the survival of Venetian Rowing in the future.

    Franzato Marco

    Last master in Venice of the ancient leaded glass technique, Marco’s artistic screen doors and jewels stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.

    Ca’ Macana Atelier

    Even after 50 years of work and countless masks, Carlos crafts clearly show the love of this true master for his art.

    Teatro Maschere di Celano Marina

    Marina enriches even further some of her classical artisanal masks, with feathers, gems, and flowers for a very discrete and feminine look.


    An explosion of colours, shapes and creativity, is what will welcome you once you will cross the door of this mask shop.

    Casanova Masks

    Specialised in the Commedia dell’Arte masks, Rzgar’s crafts boast fabulous venetian colours and beautiful decorations that benefit from his experience as a calligrapher.

    La Bottega dei Mascareri

    The quality of Sergio’s production has made him a favourite of the movie industry and to exhibit all over the world

    Pagine e Cuoio

    Decades of experience,a great attention for details and high quality materials are key factors for the artisanal making of these beautiful made in Italy leather bags.

    Francis Model

    Decades of experience, a great attention to details and high-quality materials are key factors for the artisanal making of these beautiful made in Italy leather bags.

    Antico Forno

    The great experience and knowledge, the dedication and the excellent ingredients are some of the secrets that will give you the best pizza in town!

    Il Bacaro del Gelato

    Young, artisanal, friendly and gooood: this is how gelaterie should be!

    Osteria Ruga di Jaffa

    Homemade bread, good traditional cichetti, and a friendly service have gotten immediately the locals’ appreciation.

    La Mela Verde

    In our opinion, undoubtedly the best gelati we ever had!

    Cantina Aziende Agricole

    The highest quality and the very good prices, make it a favorite of the people living in the district of Cannaregio.

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