Roverato Martini, handmade jewels in Venice

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    Stunning handmade jewels, tailored to your dreams

    The wonderful artisans’ jewellery of Roverato Martini in Venice, is a jewel itself.

    This family-run business, indeed, and has all the right players to create amazing crafts: the father is a designer, the mother is a gemologist (an academic gemstone expert), and the daughter Sofia ensures the customers’ needs are met.

    Roverato Martini’s works are made mainly with gold and precious gemstones, and it offers a number of exquisite jewels, rings, bracelets, and necklaces already in the shop.

    If you have particular requests, however, or would like some changes, you can count on this family’s dexterity, creativity, and expertise to create something that is fully tailored to your dreams

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    Opening Times

    Mon – Sat: 10AM-1:30PM; 3:30-7:30PM
    Sunday closed


    San Marco, Calle dei Fuseri 4372, Venice

    Phone Number

    +39 349 766 3254 

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