This is what the city of Venice, Italy, wants you to know before coming to Venice

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    The following is a translation of the official Decalogue for Venice visitors, created by the city town hall.
    Some of these rules and laws might seem to be obvious to most, but others might sound as a surprise to many.
    Respecting the following rules will benefit everyone, and especially You <3

    1) Trash

    Please help us keep the city clean by putting your trash in the bins on the street.
    (City Police Regulation article 9 and 23. Fines up to € 500)

    2) Packed Lunch

    If you have a packed lunch, do sit on the benches.
    It is forbidden to pic nic in all of the Saint Mark’s Square area
    (City Police Regulation article 23. Fines up to € 500)

    3) Outfit

    Venice is not a beach. Official Townhall Guide to Be the Perfect Guest

    It is forbidden to walk around in Venice in swimwear or bare-chested; it is forbidden to jump or swim in the canals. Respect the city. The beach can be found at the Lido.
    (City Police Regulation article 12 and 23. Fines up to € 500)

    4) Pigeons

    Pigeons ruin the artistic beauty of Venice and are carriers of diseases. Please do not feed them. Preserve your health and that of the city
    (Municipal regulation regarding urban sanitation, veterinary and the well-being of animals, article 24. Fines up to € 500)

    5) Graffiti and Bill Posting

    Whoever does graffiti or abusively posts bill, ruins the city.
    Post your bills only in the proper areas.
    Venice is a city of art.
    (City Police Regulation article 12 and 23. Fines up to € 500. People responsible for damaging important monuments will be automatically prosecuted. For abusive bill posting, the fines are up to € 412)

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    6) Queues and Stoppages

    When walking in Venice, please keep the right. Official Townhall Guide to Be the Perfect Guest

    Alleys in Venice are narrow.
    Please keep your right and don’t stop on the bridges. Along with those on vacation, there is also people who work here.
    Help us make Venice hospitable to everyone.

    7) Public Transportation

    When you board a water-bus, remember to respect others: take your backpack off your shoulders and put it on the ground, keep the entrance/exit clear, put your luggage in the place the crew will point out to you. Water-busses are the only mean of public transportation for visitors and for inhabitants.
    Help us make Venice livable for everyone.

    8) High Water

    In the case of High Water (Acqua Alta), there are multiple ways to reach your destination avoiding to get wet. If you use the water planks, keep the right and do not stop halfway.

    9) Illegal Vendors

    Buying from illegal vendors is a crime, and you put your health at risk. You hurt yourself, the artisans and you support exploitation perpetrated by criminal organization
    (Law 80/2005 article 1 comma 7, modified with Law 99/2009; article 17. Fines up to € 7000 + confiscation of your purchase)

    10) Public Nuisances

    Venice is no different from other cities: after 11 PM, you must respect the rest of others and limit noise levels.
    Your fun must not disturb the rest of others.
    (Urban Police Regulation article 29. Fines up to € 500)

    I'm visiting Venice. Why should I follow your recommendations?

    The way you visit Venice has an impact both on the quality of your experience and on Venice itself.  Chilling, exploring, shopping, eating and drinking where the locals do, can make a huge impact both on the memories you bring home and on the local economy and community.

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