L’Osteria di Santa Marina

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    If you're searching for an incredible dinner that will also be a culinary and artistic experience, look no further!

    A dinner at “L’Osteria di Santa Marina” could easily be described as a combination of a culinary and an artistic experience. The “Trattoria Santa Marina” offers dishes belonging to the Venetian and Italian culinary tradition, but created and served in unique and outstanding ways that you probably won’t have seen before. The taste, creativity, and combinations of the dishes, along with the quality and freshness of the raw materials, are fabulous and make this place a must for gourmets!

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    Opening times

    Monday to Saturday: 12:30–2:30PM, 7:30–10:30PM
    Sunday Closed


    Campo Santa Marina, 5911, Castello, Venezia VE

    Phone number

    +39 041 528 5239

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