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    Arzanart, where paper is the gift itself

    While it is easy to find a wine shop, a shoe shop and even candy shops in Venice, only since 2018 is it possible to find Arzanart, an artistic workshop that has on display several kinds of different marble paper sheets made by Isabella, that can just be framed and hanged on a wall!

    It was when Isabella studied conservation of cultural assets in Venice, that she first got intrigued by marbled paper and, after learning the technique in Florence, she experimented 5 more years at home, until she finally mastered the technique.

    Isabella, together with her partner Federico, realised that marbled paper can be a product itself and decided to open their own shop where to put on display and offer their most beautiful works, as well as hand-made notebooks and paper jewels.

    At Arzanart, it is possible to find several kinds of marble paper sheets, with classic designs as well as modern designs combined either with colors belonging to the tradition or with very contemporary color combinations.

    During your stay in Venice, make sure to visit Arzanart to discover the beautoful result of Isabella and Federico’s young and modern touch to the ancient art of traditional marbled paper, it will surprise you!

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    Opening Times

    Mon to Sat: 10:30 AM – 6 PM
    Sunday Closed


    Barbaria de le Tole 6479A, Castello 30122 Venezia

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