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    Stepping into "Aura Design" is like stepping into the mind of Aura and Luigi and witness the power of their unstoppable creativity. Aura creates fine luxury art, experimenting with sculpture and carving, as well as creating conterie (micro murano glass beads) design pieces and decorating fine crafts and enameling precious metal, resulting in precious pieces that alone are capable of decorating any room. Luigi works on photographs and creates elaborated photo collages by assembling and fusing different object and turning two dimensional photographs into three dimensional contemporary art, turning a flat reality in a tangible…

    The "Antica fonderia Valese", founded over 100 years ago in 1913, is the last foundry still remaining in Venice. Even today, this artistic foundry makes use of the traditional sand casting method, where incandescent molten metal is poured into sand molds, for the crafting of brass and bronze…

    The Scoletta was created in 1478 by a group of wealthy Venetians, next to the church of San Rocco, to house their lay confraternity. In 1517 the board of directors of the School decided to hire the architect Pietro Bon to create a large building for the new headquarters of their rapidly growing association. After the works were concluded in 1560, this wealthy school decided to have their ceilings decorated by the best venetian painters. The 22nd of May 1564, the Scuola Grande announced a competition for sketching "Saint Roch in Glory" and gave one month of time for the…

    A welcoming atmosphere and a beautiful ambient, delicious local cichetti and dishes of the Italian cuisine, and friendly and easy going staff are the ingredients that turned this recently opened bacaro into a favorite of the…

    "Peter's tea house" is the only tea house in Venice. Here you'll find everything you need for the making of exquisite teas and infusions: beautiful teapots, finely decorated cups, and most importantly a vast selection of tea and infusions to pick…

    The combination of African style and Murano glass making expertise delivers pieces that are both wonderful and…

    Venice, Italy, Panoramic View: The Fontego dei Tedeschi's terrace offers a great view on Venice and the Grand…

    Corner Pub, located close to the Guggenheim Museum in the district of Dorsoduro, is the perfect mix between a venetian bacaro and an irish pub, topped with an very friendly service. It comes as no surprise that "Corner Pub" is a favourite of many locals, gondolieri and returning…

    It’s commonly said that ‘Venice is a great place where to get lost’, something we don’t disagree with but, if we’re not the kind of persons who would recommend to always be attached to a map, we do believe that to get to meet the authentic Venice you need to be able to orientate yourself in the city, which requires a bit of help…even for venetians, at times… So, here they are our favorites places where to eat & drink, shop local, chill and explore, and even to contemplate the numerous curiosities of the city, all put together on a single interactive map, as we think it could come in handy at times! Enjoy the Venice we love, the Venice of the locals!

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    WARNING: Please keep in mind that Venice is a very unique and complex city, therefore even Google struggles providing users with clear directions and ways to get to a destination. Therefore, you should see all Google Maps informations as indicative and always keep in mind that the full adress of the places you are interested in can be found on their respective page of this website. If you have doubts about how to get to a particular place don’t hesitate to use the adress we provide by inserting it in your GPS and to politely ask for help from the people who know Venice the best: the venetians!

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