A special Venezia Autentica series dedicated to the Carnival of Venice

    The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous and popular local festivals. In this special series, learn more about the Carnival of today and of the past and dive into Venice’s Carnival from the inside through exclusive insiders articles, photos and videos.

    • Why Venice started its Carnival? A clue: the goal was not to party
    • These amazing laws show how libertine life was during Venice Carnival
    • Acrobatic dancer flying over a Canal in Venice at night during Carnival
      Watch the spectacular Grand Opening of the Carnival of Venice, Italy [VIDEO]
    • Bull statue in Saint Mark's Square in Venice during Carnival
      Watch this spectacular masked parade for fat thursday during Carnival in Venice, Italy [VIDEO]
    • Admire the masks and costumes of the most famous Venetian festival, the Venice Carnival
    • Carnival of Venice, Italy, the eyes behind the Venetian Masks [VIDEO]
    • Discover and admire the oldest Venetian celebration: La Festa delle Marie [VIDEO]

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