Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

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    Frari Church in Venice, Italy, in the district of San Polo. It is one of the biggest churches in Venice together with the San Giovanni e Paolo church and the Saint Mark's Basilica

    Measuring 102m in length, 48m in width and 28m in height, this church is one of the two biggest in Venice and the most important and known church of the San Polo district.

    Started being built in 1250, but was not completed until 1396. Today it hosts 17 monumental altars and multiple masterpieces, including works by Bellini, Donatello and 2 pieces by Tiziano, of which one is the greatest altarpiece in Venice.

    The monumental altars count 4 Doges, the sculptor Antonio Canova and the painter Titian himself.

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