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    A family business started 2 centuries ago

    Few family businesses date as far back as Coltelleria Lena, which was started in 1850 by the great-grandfather of Daniela, who runs the business today.

    In 1927, Daniela’s father opened the shop in its current location, and since that day it is the go-to place for Venetians looking for unique hand-crafted knives.

    Coltelleria Lena offers knives for sports and collection knives, as well as razors and, today, also some high-quality kitchen tools.

    Daniela continues her family tradition by making sure to provide high-quality artisan-made knives but has also looked into creating a craft that is like no other, which combines functionality and great craftsmanship with her love for Venice: the Gondola Knife.

    The Gondola Knife, created by Coltelleria Lena, is a unique craft with beautiful hand-made handles and a sharp blade that mimics the legendary front ornament of the gondola and the many symbols it carries!

    If you’re a fisherman looking for a great quality knife, or if you are knife collector, or you just want to find the perfect Venice present for yourself or a good friend, Coltelleria Lena might have the special knife you’re looking for!

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    Opening Times

    Mon to Sat: 9:30 AM–1 PM; 2:30 PM –7:30 PM
    Sunday Closed


    Salizada S. Canzian, 5919, Cannaregio 30121 Venezia

    Phone Number

    +39 041 523 7478

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