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    Paolo Olbi, the Keeper of an ancient tradition

    As we all know, Gutenberg’s invention of the movable-type printing press, made Germany the birthplace of publishing. However, it was the Republic of Venice, with its entrepreneurial spirit, free press, the largest navy in Europe, and the widest trades network, that gave the printing and binding industry its major push.

    Venice was the heart of the printing world and Paolo Olbi, today, is regarded as the Keeper of centuries-old Venetian bookbinding tradition.

    For well over 50 years he’s been working with paper, making hand-bound notebooks, books, photo albums, and diaries.

    But Paolo is not just keeper of an ancient past, he’s also a teacher and an innovator: dozens of bookbinders have learned from him and he constantly creates new products that did not exist before, such as miniature book covers made with marble tiles!

    If you’re looking for the right support for your best sketches, your deepest thoughts, or your most important photos, Paolo Olbi’s creations are just what you need

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    Opening Times

    Opening hours: 10:30AM-12:40PM; 3:30-7:30PM


    Dorsoduro, Calle Foscari 3253, Venice

    Phone Number

    041 523 76 55

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