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    Dream, where design and attention for the environment meet

    While few people nowadays offer something unique and hand-made, even fewer offer something that is also sustainable, responsible and environment-friendly. This, however, is exactly what is at the core of “Dream” by Nicola Baldan.

    Nicola’s newly opened “Dream”, is his bet on the upcycling revolution, which he embraces as his own, with the desire to mitigate our impact on the environment by offering something fancy, unique, and hand-made.

    One of the upcycling crafts “Dream” offers are fancy bangs, rucksack, and wallets made out of the inner tube of tractors’ tires. After its “natural” use, the inner tube is collected, treated, and prepared to become a new design object, rather than becoming yet another non-recyclable waste in a landfill.

    While beautiful design bags and lovely hand-made slippers, are currently Nicola’s main products, his philosophy is always open to new hand-made crafts that combine at the same time unicity and design, while decreasing the human impact on the environment.

    If you’re looking for an original accessory or gift idea, that is both unique and contributes to the well-being of our planet, Nicola’s “Dream” is with no doubt the go-to place in Venice!

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    Opening Times

    Mon to Sat: 10AM – 12:45PM; 2:15PM – 7:15PM (indicative)
    Sunday closed


    Calle Seconda dei Saoneri 2674, San Polo 30125, Venezia

    Phone Number

    +39 041 564 6973

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