Gelateria San Leonardo, delicious artisanal gelato

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    Try this gelateria at your own risk... their gelato is addictive!

    How nice would that be if there was a place that made BIG artisanal gelato using high-quality ingredients, and that place would be in the heart of Venice and you could sit outside watching the world go by? Well, that place exists and it’s the Gelateria San Leonardo!

    We live close to it and we can assure you that we just can’t enough of its delicious gelati, despite its very generous scoops!

    We have never come across any flavour we didn’t like, and its fruit options are really enjoyable. However, when it comes to their chocolate options, try them at your own risk: they are addictive!

    One must-try flavour? The sacher! You won’t believe just how good it is!

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    Opening Times

    April-October: 10AM – 11PM
    November-March: 10AM – 7PM


    Cannaregio 1525, 30121 Venezia Italia

    Phone Number

    +39 348 603 6165

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