Mysterious Venice by Mattia Battistin [PHOTO GALLERY]

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    Venice's architecture away from the usual clichés

    The young Venetian Mattia Battistin has an eye for geometry, volume, and harmony. Growing up in the city on water, surrounded by palaces belonging to centuries of evolving and changing architecture, more churches than a child can count and a multitude of islands inherited from the rich past of a Republic at the forefront of everything, probably helped him develop his mature and unbiased eye. His perfectly executed photography tells today’s Venice with a lot of objectivity: showing the physical splendor and decay of a city, which can be recognized by an initiated eye without even showing a canal.

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    The way you visit Venice has an impact both on the quality of your experience and on Venice itself.  Chilling, exploring, shopping, eating and drinking where the locals do, can make a huge impact both on the memories you bring home and on the local economy and community.

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