Frito ‘Inn

    600 436 Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice

    The best place for fried food on the go.

    While fried food is very traditional in Venice, in particular, fried fish and vegetables, when Frito’Inn offered this traditional food as a takeaway, it was looked at with some distrust… which was immediately set aside once the locals tried the freshness and quality of the offer! The delicious and fine meatballs, the tasty squids and sardines, the fresh seasonal vegetables from the facing vegetables stand, make a nice and tasty selection of takeaway fry food that we are sure you’re gonna fall in love with! We suggest you trying Frito’Inn only on the last day of your stay, for it might cause addiction… we’re serious: to our misfortune, Frito’Inn is close to our home 😀

    Opening times

    Fri to Wed: 10AM – 3PM; 6PM – 9PM (Indicative)
    Thursday Closed


    Cannareggio, 1587, 30121 Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 333 5979819

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