Giorgio Franchetti Gallery at Ca’ d’Oro

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    This XV century Palace, hosts Baron Franchetti's collection: paintings of the Venetians, Tuscan and Flemmish school, as well as artifacts dating as far back as the XII century

    The beautiful Giorgio Franchetti’s art collection, is hosted in the XV century patrician residence of Ca d’Oro, bought by the Baron Franchetti himself in 1894 and where he started an enormous work on the now worldwide famous pavements.

    In this wonderful venetian gothic style palace, it is possible to admire paintings of the Venetian school as well as of the Tuscan and the Flemish ones, ceramics of the XII century, bronze and marble statues and the aforementioned stunning marble pavements on which Franchetti worked personally himself. It is worth mentioning the famous San Sebastiano by Andrea Mantegna, to which the Baron dedicated a chapel within the building.

    Opening Times

    Every Day: 8:15AM – 7:15PM
    Monday: 8:15AM – 2PM


    Cannaregio 3932, 30121, Venezia

    Ticket Price

    Full Price: 8,50 €
    Discounted Price: 4,25 €

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