Ostaria Boccadoro

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    At ``Ostaria Boccadoro`` you can always count on a fine cuisine, great ingredients and adorable staff

    Located off the beaten path, in the district of Cannaregio, the “Ostaria Boccadoro” has quickly become a reference for the Venetians and for visitors looking for great quality raw materials and a very fine fish-based cuisine at a fair price.

    Since the foundation of the “Osteria Boccadoro” 12 years ago, Luciano has made it his mission to re-propose dishes of the Venetian cuisine adding his personal modern touch, and always respecting the value and taste of the exceptional raw materials of the Venetian Lagoon.

    In full agreement with his father’s philosophy, Simone’s work is based on valorizing the flavors of the local cuisine by hand-picking the vegetables in the restaurant’s vegetable garden on an island of the Venetian Lagoon and exclusively choosing fish from the Lagoon or from the north of the Adriatic Sea.

    If you desire to discover the flavors of the Venetian cuisine and taste the fresh ingredients from the Venetian Lagoon, while being welcomed by exceptionally nice and friendly staff, the “Ostaria Boccadoro” is the gourmet restaurant you should be looking for.

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    Opening Times

    Tue – Sun: 12–3PM, 7–11PM
    Monday Closed


    Campo Widman 5405/a, Cannaregio 30121, Venezia VE

    Phone Number

    +39 041 5211021

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