Video showcase: ‘Venezia’ by Oliver and Nils Astrologo

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    An homage to the authentic Venice

    Directed by Oliver Astrologo & Nils Astrologo, this short documentary pictures a Venice we recognize.  Going beyond the usual postcard views of the city, ‘ Venezia’, immerses the viewer in the intimacy of the authentic Venice, going from canals to artisans workshops, showing the life, rhythm, and atmosphere of the city like no other. Combining drones and intimistic footages, the short film is a delicious homage to the Venice which deserves to live on and be protected.

    Words of the directors

    Much has been made about the wonders of Venice, but few ever venture deep enough across its less touristy, yet still historical hidden places. Beyond hundreds of canals and a diverse architectural style, a secret facet of Venetian life lives on, in which the journey of handcrafting wooden gondola oars and loomed fabrics remains rooted in ancient folk traditions.

    This short film uncovers the secrets that have been handed down from father to son and projects you to the Venice that existed 500 years ago, immersing you in the extraordinary craftsmen’s veiled workshops that belong to a long lost era.’

    The team behind 'Venezia'

    • Directed by Oliver Astrologo and Nils Astrologo (
    • Filmed by Tommaso Cassinis, Nils Astrologo, and Oliver Astrologo
    • Production assistant: Valeria D’Ovidio
    • Music produced by ZerOKilled Music Inc. (
    • Track: ”Dream Journey” by Moon Device
    • Sound design by Peter Breaker

    I'm visiting Venice. Why should I follow your recommendations?

    The way you visit Venice has an impact both on the quality of your experience and on Venice itself.  Chilling, exploring, shopping, eating and drinking where the locals do, can make a huge impact both on the memories you bring home and on the local economy and community.

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