France24 quotes Venezia Autentica in an article about protests made by locals in Europe against mass tourism

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    France24, an international news network based in Paris, quotes Valeria Duflot in its article on the spreading of protests across Europe against mass tourism

    The Paris-based news network France24 reports on the widespread protests against mass tourism that are occurring all across Europe, quoting Valeria Duflot referring to Venice as being turned into a theme park.

    In August 2017, several protests took place all across Europe against the negative effects on local life caused by mass tourism. The international Paris-based news network France24 made a report on the situation, giving voice to the protesters in those overcrowded tourists’ destinations. In their paragraph about the Venetian protests, France24 quotes Valeria Duflot, co-founder of Venezia Autentica, when she speaks of the concern of Venice being turned into a theme park.


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