The Local features Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi as two of the seven most inspiring people they interviewed in Italy in 2017

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    The italian branch of The Local, an english-language digital news publisher with several location around Europe, names Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi amongst the most inspiring people interviewed in Italy in 2017

    The Italian branch of The Local writes an articles highlighting the work and mission of seven people in Italy, and gives credit to Valeria and Sebastian for their work with Venezia Autentica, which aims at steering tourists away from the overcrowded sites and support Venetian families and workers.

    Thelocal writes an article about the most inspiring stories covered in Italy in 2017, and mentions Valeria’s and Sebastian’s work with Venezia Autentica amongst them. The Local highlights how, rather than adding their voice to the choir of anti-tourism protest groups, Valeria and Sebastian see tourism, in particular responsible tourism, as a key of support and development for the local community, and how they created Venezia Autentica to help visitors to support local families and workers.


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