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    A bookstore to navigate Venetian history and the Sea

    The bookstore “Mare di Carta”, was born in 1997 and combines the two passions of Cristina: books and the sea!

    Indeed, “mare di carta”, literally “a sea of paper”, is specialized in books regarding the sea and, naturally, about Venice.

    Cristina at Mare di Carta will help you find the right book in several languages, no matter if it is about Marine ecosystems, sea wildlife and currents, or shipbuilding, ancient Venetian routes and nautical charts. When it comes to the Sea and Venice, Mare di Carta has no competitors.

    Moreover, if you enjoy navigating and exploring the world, you can also count on Cristina extensive knowledge to help you trace your route in the sea.

    Make sure to check out Mare di Carta to discover more about Venice and the Sea. But be aware that it is closed on Sunday, as Cristina says that “Sunday on a boat is a holy day to me!”

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    Opening Times

    Mon – Fri: 9AM-1PM; 3:30-7:30PM
    Sat: 9AM-12:30PM; 3-7:30PM
    Sunday closed


    Fondamenta Dei Tolentini Santa Croce 222, Venezia, IT 30135

    Phone Number

    +39 041 716304

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