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    If Venice, art, and colors trigger your interest, Galleria Levantina is a shop you must visit

    Galleria Levantina, just next to the San Simeon Grande church, will welcome you with David’s beautiful paintings and its bright colors, which reflect his joyful and open personality!

    David portraits a number of different subjects, a majority of which are Venetian views which stand out from any other reproduction of the city you might have seen before. David’s eye captures Venice’s views, his mind re-invents them with brilliant and bright colors, and his hands and art sleekly put them on canvas, resulting in faithful yet oniric reproductions.

    Not only are Galleria Levantina’s main pieces all entirely hand-made from start to finish by David, but his style is so different from any other, that it makes his painting completely unique pieces that can’t be found, even only similar, anywhere else.

    In order to make his interpretation of Venice views affordable for everyone,  more recently Galleria Levantina has started offering high-quality prints of some of its paintings. Just like the original paintings, however, also these prints are all unique pieces, since David adds different details or shades of colors to every single print, to ensure that every person who appreciates his art receives something special and personal.

    If you’re a Venice lover looking to decorate the walls of your home, or if you want to find a beautiful view of Venice to give a touch of color to your desk, make sure you check out this unique place!

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    Opening Times

    Sat – Thu: 10 AM– 9 PM; Fri: 10 AM – 2 PM
    Saturday closed


    Calle Bergami S. Croce, 918, 30135 Venezia

    Phone Number

    +39 3343500296

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