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    Premium artisanal notebooks, leather wallets and bags handcrafted by Marina at very reasonable prices.

    Marina is a master and keeper of the ancient art of bookbinding, one of the most important Venetian artisan traditions, together with renown Murano glass art and Venetian Carnival masks.

    Ever since Gutenberg’s moveable type invention in the 1450s, books became quicker to produce, more affordable and, as a consequence, their market rapidly expanded. Since then, Venice became the world leader in the production and distribution of books, due to its artisans’ technical ability in the printing and bookbinding and its well-established trades roots.

    Nowadays, books and notebooks are commonly mass produced with low-quality paper and covers to cut on prices and this has turned them almost into a disposable good. Marina, however, handcrafts entirely all her creations making use of excellent raw materials such as naturally tanned certified leather from Tuscany and Fabriano Artistico Paper, creating the premium supports for artists and book lovers to sketch, draw, and paint on.

    At Marina’s, premium notebooks, leather wallets, bags, and shoppers are made of high-quality raw materials, they are all designed, cut, and sewed together by Marina and they all come at a very fair price!

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    Opening Times

    Mon – Sat: 11AM – 7:30PM
    Sunday closed


    Cannaregio 6375, 30121, Venezia

    Phone Number

    +39 041 521 0019

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