Remi e Forcole by Franco Furlanetto

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    Where ancient Venetian techniques and art meet a modern and open spirit

    Franco Furlanetto is one of the 4 last Venetian oarlock makers and this, keeper of a several centuries old tradition that is key to the survival of the city and its unique lifestyle.

    Franco’s workshop reflects the spirit of the master himself, showing on one side the traditional raw materials and the fine, extremely performing and unique hand-crafted oarlocks needed for Venetian rowing, on the other side a modern twist to those traditional products and the processing leftovers that are turned into unique hand-made souvenirs.

    On one side, the beauty of Franco’s oarlocks has brought them to be used as design pieces in the homes of some Venice lovers, while on the other their effectiveness and efficiency has made them a favorite of many Venetian rowing athletes reflecting once again the beauty yet the solidity of his works.

    Whether you’re looking for a personalized handcrafted oarlock or for a souvenir crafted with beautiful walnut wood and Murano glass, all of Franco’s works are a combination of craftsmanship and expertise and, eventually, his creativity that make his workshop well worth a visit!

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    Opening Times

    Mon – Sat: 10:30AM – 12:30PM; 3:30PM – 6PM (indicative)
    Sunday closed


    San Polo 2768/B, 30125, Venezia

    Phone Number

    +39 041 5209544

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