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    Founded in 1097, the Rialto Market with its fruits, vegetables and fish stands has been feeding the local population for almost 1.000 years.

    Founded in 1097, the Rialto Market with its fruit and vegetables stand and its rich fish stands has been feeding the local population for almost 1.000 years.

    Ever since its origins, sustainable fishing practices have been imposed through strict laws and reminded through marble plaques in the market itself, showing regulations for minimum allowable sizes for lagoon fish.

    In the past, fish stands were taking up all the space of the “Pescaria” and the surrounding areas, while fruit&vegetables stands were to be seen in the adjacent “Campo San Giacometto” and “Campo Bella Vienna”.

    Nowadays, with the change in habits, the decrease of the population and the competition of supermarkets, the market has shrunk in size. Fish stands are now only under the porches of the “Pescaria”, while the fruit&vegetables can be found just outside them.

    Even though the size of the Market has decreased, the beauty of it, the quality of the offering, the variety and the atmosphere are well worth a visit, some photos, and possible the purchase of some amazing locally produced (“nostrano”) delicacies!

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    Opening Times

    Tuesday to Saturday: 7AM – 2PM.


    Campo della Pescheria, 30125 San Polo, Venezia

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