San Pantalon’s Church

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    Let’s step into the San Pantalon Church in the Dorsoduro district…

    The great painting on canvas on the ceiling of the San Pantalon Church in Venice, Italy. It is the biggest painting on canvas in the world, measuring a total of 443 square meters.

    What's special about this church?

    Step in with us, and look up: you’ll see a gigantic oil painting on 40 canvas stitched together and covering the whole ceiling of the central nave!!! The  443 square meters area of this painting, makes it the biggest painting on canvas in the world!

    This enormous piece has been painted directly on the ceiling in 24 years of work, between 1680 and 1704, by Gian Antonio Fumiani. According to a leged, the creator is said to have fallen down and have died after giving the last touch to this masterpiece… but Fiumani actually died in 1710, 6 years after finishing his work! We think this amazing piece of art doesn’t need any legends around it, as it is legendary by itself!

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