Sight: La Salute, one of the most famous churches in Venice

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    Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy, at sunset. The bond between Venetians and the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute last since 1630.

    Let us show you one of the most known, appreciated and photographed landmarks in Venice: the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

    The strong bond between the Venetians and this church has been existing since almost 400 years, before the Church was even remotely completed: in 1630 the “Serenissima” had implored the Virgin Mary for protection against the Plague which was devastating the Venetian population, vowing to build a majestic church to thank for the divine intervention. By the end of the following year, the plague had completely vanished, and Venetians immediately started building this great Basilica and organizing a yearly pilgrimage to thank the Virgin Mary.

    We personally love the beauty of this church, its story, and especially much the great importance it has for the Venetians, who celebrate it, in mass, every 21st of November.

    If you had ever been in Venice, you will most likely have seen it, as it can be admired from Saint Mark’s side, from the Accademia bridge, from San Giorgio, and from the Grand Canal… but did you know about the special bond it has with the population?
    This is a reason why we can’t stop smiling whenever we pass by it.


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