Caffè Florian

    600 400 Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice

    The oldest and most popular coffeehouse in the world, right in Saint Mark's Square.

    The oldest coffeehouse in the world, the Florian was founded in Saint Mark’s square in 1720. Since its foundation, it has become a reference in Venice and in Europe, due to its innovations and its role as the Venetian meeting point for celebrities, artists, and luminaries from all over the world. Creator of the Biennale and first Cafe to have a permanent orchestra, “Caffè Florian” offers the possibility to grab a quick coffee, but we recommend to come here to take your time for a cocktail, a breakfast or a full meal. Plunge into this unique atmosphere and breathe history, elegance, and beauty.

    Opening Times

    Every Day: 9AM – 12AM


    Piazza San Marco, 57, 30124 Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 041 5205641

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