La Fenice Theatre, “Com’era e Dov’era”

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    Inside view of the Fenice thetre in Venice. In 1996 it burnt completely in a devastating fire, but after long renovations to rebuild it as it was, it reopened in 2003

    20 years ago, the 29th of January 1996, during a night which no Venetian will ever forget, the Teatro La Fenice, one of the most important opera theatres of Italy and Europe, burnt in a devastating fire.

    After the initial shock, it was quickly decided that the theatre, which was founded in 1792, would be rebuilt, following the same principle used for the Campanile di San Marco which was reconstructed completely after it collapsed in 1902. Borrowing the motto “Com’era, Dov’era” ” How it was, Where it was”, born from the misfortune of the Saint Mark’s Belltower, the organization of the work started from February the same year, leading the theatre to reopen in 2003.

    Nowadays, La Fenice remains a reference in the cultural and artistic world.

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