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The authentic Friulane shoes, the ultimate Venetian shoes, are crafted in Venice in the respect of the Venetian tradition by ``Piedaterre``

A century old tradition and techniques, upcycling, hand crafting and comfort are at the base of the authentic friulane shoes, the ultimate Venetian shoes, still crafted in the respect of the tradition by “Piedaterre” in Venice.

Friulane, or Furlane, shoes have been originally invented in a region close to Venice during poor times, but it was in Venice, the biggest pedestrian city, that they found their biggest market and a great number of supporters. The great comfort and their non-slippery sole made them an immediate favorite of many, especially by the gondoliers.

The soles are made of upcycled materials, such jute bags to bicycle tires, and cardboard. Traditionally upper side was once made of cloth or of velvet for the festivals. Nowadays, however, you can find them made with a great variety of fabrics and colors. It is even possible to bring an old shirt or suit and ask “Piedaterre” to give a second life to it by transforming it into a new furlana shoe!

Every “furlana” at “Piedaterre” is hand crafted in Italy by skilled workers that assemble and sew them together making use of the blanket stitch, the traditional stitch of these historical shoes.

If tradition, colors, comfort, upcycling and hand-made all sound good to you, then you can’t pass by Venice without entering “Piedaterre” and trying its authentic “furlane veneziane”!

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Opening Times

Every Day: 11AM – 5:30PM

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60, S. POLO, Venezia, VE 30125, 30125 Venezia VE, Italia

Phone number

+39 041 528 5513

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