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    The high-quality Venetian masks, the great professionality of the people, and the attention for cultural exchange have made the Tragicomica workshop a favorite of many Venice lovers.

    In the district of San Polo, just in front of the birth house of the famous Venetian comedy writer Carlo Goldoni, the “Tragicomica” shop of Gualtiero Dall’Osto is an institution in the Venetian mask-making world.

    Tradition and innovation, Roman masks and Commedia dell’Arte masks, fantasy creations and Venetian masks all have their space at the”Tragicomica”. While masks are at the core of the shop, Gualtiero Dall’Osto is specialized also in the making of events, festivals and masquerade balls, from the directing to the animation, to the supply of masks and costumes.

    The high quality of the production, paired with great professionality and an eye for international cultural exchange, have made the Tragicomica workshop a favorite of several visitors, families, and students who rely on it for the purchase of their favorite masks and for attending to workshops for the creation of their own authentic Venetian masks.

    If you’re looking for beautiful masks made with the traditional Venetian technique, or if you would even want to try yourself the process of making your own mask, the “Tragicomica” is a place in Venice you should not miss.

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    Opening Times

    Every Day: 10AM – 7PM


    2800, S. POLO, Venezia, VE 30125, 30125 Venezia VE, Italia

    Phone Number

    +39 041 713003

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