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    Beautiful and complex decorations and jewels made of thousands of Murano beads are crafted by the expert hands of the ``impiraresse``, keeping up a century old tradition.

    Founded in 1987 by Luisa, “Gioia” creates unique hand made house decorations and jewels making great use of thousands of small Murano beads, “conterie“, keeping a centuries old tradition alive, that of the “impiraresse”. The use of the “conterie” together with precious beads and pendants, delivers a great variety of products and jewels, going from very simple bracelets to complex home decorations:  created by expert hands threading one by one thousand of beads, the resulting complexity, and beauty of the final beads embroidery will leave you speechless!

    Opening Times

    Mon – Sat: 10:30AM – 6:30PM
    Sunday Closed


    Calle Priuli ai Cavalletti, 100 , 30121 Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 041 5242822

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