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    • High on Venice by Samuele Seguso [Photo Gallery]
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    • Children retrieving their football from a canal in Venice, Italy
      These might be the most common childhood memories of Venetian kids. Since generations.
    • How to create and run the longest-lived form of government ever: the case of the Republic of Venice.

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    • Marilisa Dal Cason, Mask Maker
    • Marina Celano, Mask Maker
    • Sergio Boldrin, Artist Mask Maker
    • Carlos Brassesco, Mask Maker

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    • San Martin's day, the favorite tradition of Venice's children
    • The bright light and the reflections of the water during Venice summer days lead to the invention of the first sunglasses.
      7 things you couldn't live without and never knew you owed Venice, Italy
    • Knowing what this head meant to the venetians might shake you
    • This cathedral in Torcello is a remaining testimony of the first Venice.
    • Coups were a concern in Venice. These letterboxes made it less so.
    • The trick you never knew the best Venetian painters used

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