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    A unique atelier and artists' workshop, which could change completely from one month to the next... or maybe not!

    Stepping into “Aura Design” is like stepping into the mind of Aura and Luigi and witness the power of their unstoppable creativity.

    Aura creates fine luxury art, experimenting with sculpture and carving, as well as creating conterie (micro murano glass beads) design pieces and decorating fine crafts and enameling precious metal, resulting in precious pieces that alone are capable of decorating any room.

    Luigi works on photographs and creates elaborated photo collages by assembling and fusing different object and turning two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional contemporary art, turning a flat reality in a tangible abstraction.

    As Aura and Luigi say, it’s not possible to describe what they do and clearly frame their work… and even if you managed to do so once, everything they will create the following month could be completely different from what you had seen and completely unforeseeable!

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    Opening Times

    Every Day: 10AM – 1PM; 3PM – 6:30PM


    Chiostro ex Convento SS. Cosma e Damiano 621/B, Giudecca 30133, Venezia

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    Not Available

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