Dario Bernadinelli, Jewellery designer

    Dario Bernadinelli, Jewellery designer

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    Dario Bernadinelli, Jewellery designer - Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice - With the desire to offer unique hand made glass jewelles, the Belardinelli family founded "Rialto 79", in 1986. Since its origins,...

    Dario Belardinelli, jewels designer

    With the desire to offer unique handmade glass jewel, the Belardinelli family founded “Rialto 79”, in the very heart of Rialto, in 1986. Since its origins, “Rialto 79” has become a reference for taste and quality, much appreciated by locals as well as by visitors. In the past years, Dario joined this authentic family business, guaranteeing, therefore, a continuation of quality and care for the customer.


    Great connoisseurs of  the finest productions, Dario and his family create compositions making use of the best made in Italy pearls and beads created with multiple techniques, both classic and rare ones:

    • Glass dipped in silver or gold leaf
    • Blown glass
    • Mosaics
    • Avventurina (glass mixed with copper powder)
    • Torched glass


    Starting working in order to give a helping hand to his family, Dario soon got very attached to his work due to the tight relationship between him and the artisans who keep alive the original traditions and techniques which date back to hundreds of years. Dario lives his work not only as a job but as a sort of a mission to preserve the authenticity of the real and original made in Venice.

    I personally love blown glass, because in the making the master leaves a trace of himself in his creation

    I’m Dario, I’m 30 years old and I’m an artisan. I work here in Venice since 7 years in my family business. Every day I open the shop, pushing out our old Venetian wooden counter. It’s on glides, one of the last still existing in town. With a push, every day, we bring out our products to the public. So here, on our work counter, I express my work.

    In the beginning, I started working out of necessity, in order to help my family. Over time, I started appreciating more and more my job. I discovered that it can be even taken as a mission, because it keeps Venetian traditions alive, as well as Venetian artisans’ workshops.

    Actually, there isn’t just one single technique in Murano. In the centuries, many different techniques were created. We have glass dipped in silver leaf or gold leaf, we have blown glass, we have mosaics, the aventurine technique which is this one here, where glass is mixed with copper powder…

    To our customers, we obviously have to give some historical information. Visitors cannot be expected to already know everything, therefore it is the salesman’s role to also explain the tradition of the Venetian crafts.

    The beauty is its transparency, which recalls elements of Venice; the transparency reminds you of the water. There is also something about the person who created it because, in the act of blowing, the master really leaves a personal trace of himself

    This here is definitely one of the most beautiful. It’s blown aventurine glass: slightly transparent, the aventurine work hides the inside and gives a great and catchy luminosity to the pearl. This is blown crystal, it’s one of the most sold. It’s easy to wear and combine This one here is again blown glass, which is then grinded. This is blown glass, a classic in black or black&white, but also with many colors, with the addition of filigree. In my opinion, the ones with filigree are the most beautiful of all

    When I come back, whether I get off at the Fondamenta Nuove via Alilaguna [public transport boat] close to where I live, or rather I arrive at Piazzale Roma, when I step in Venice, I feel I am back home. Therefore I’d say it’s my favorite hub from which I can leave and discover the world

    For now, we are still sticking to our style. In any case, we have a very broad range of products. We are able to offer products starting from a low price, yet all locally produced here in Venice, up to higher prices. It’s a price range that starts from 7 and goes up to 3-400. It’s a broad selection our customers can choose from, and for now, we are still able to maintain our offer.

    A suggestion for those coming to Venice could be to drop your guide or your map to lose yourself in the city and not visit only San Marco and Rialto… even though I am in Rialto! So lose yourself in the city and observe areas that are farther away and are often charming. Don’t do just a 1-day hit and run visit: Rialto-San Marco-back home. Stay instead a couple of days.

    I'm visiting Venice. Why should I follow your recommendations?

    The way you visit Venice has an impact both on the quality of your experience and on Venice itself.  Chilling, exploring, shopping, eating and drinking where the locals do, can make a huge impact both on the memories you bring home and on the local economy and community.

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