BBC News features Venezia Autentica’s work as a way to support authentic Venetian businesses, struggling against mass tourism

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    The russian wing of BBC, the largest broadcaster in the world, focuses on reasons behind the consultive referendum in Italy which would give greater independence to the regions of Veneto and Lombardia, and how this could impact cities such as Venice which are struggling with mass tourism

    BBC quotes Sebastian Fagarazzi and Valeria Duflot to explain the issues that mass tourism brings to Venice and the way it impacts local life and features the work of Venezia Autentica as a way to positively impact local businesses

    BBC article regarding a Referendum for greater independency of the Veneto region, in which Venezia Autentica's work is featured as a tool of support and development for authentic Venetian bussinesses

    In October 2017, BBC Russia focuses on the consultive referendum in Italy which would grant the regions of Veneto and Lombardia greater independence, and give the possibility to these two regions to better handle the issue of mass tourism. Quoting Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi regarding the struggles Venetians have due to mass tourism, BBC Russia features the work of Venezia Autentica, which they co-founded, and how it supports local businesses by promoting responsible tourism.


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