Breathing made dangerous in Venice

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    You know it, in our world everything is connected. It is impossible to really isolate anything from its environment, especially when it comes to the air that all of the living-beings breathe and transform. The European Union has set a threshold above which the amount of particles in the air, in the course of one year, is considered to be damaging to human health. This limit has been reached in Venice in only 100 days. Ironic, for a city without cars, isn’t it?

    This situation is extremely preoccupying and finding adapted counter-measures should be a priority to those who have the power to do so. If nothing changes, the life of the people living in Venice, our lives, are literally at stake. An increase of lung diseases and cancers cases are expected in the next decade…

    If you wonder how we can find ourselves in such a situation, in a strictly pedestrian city, well there are, for sure, more than one contributing reasons, one of which being the cruise ships. Indeed, each cruise ship, even when moored, pollutes the air as much as 14.000 cars… and the engines are not ever switched off, for providing the ship with electricity…

    Fog can be "seen" in Venice as here in front of the Rialto bridge. Pollution and especially small particles cannot be seen but they can be measured. The effects of the pollution will be felt in all their violence on our health in the coming years.

    Photo by Riccardo Zanutto

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